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Kinetic Martial Arts provide training in traditional martial arts primarily Hapkido, BJJ and Kumdo. Their students experience great improvements in their strength, fitness, flexibility as well as the mental benefits of calmness, control, discipline and confidence. Along with this, students can expect to improve their self-defence abilities.

Kinetic Martial Arts like to think of themselves as a club, not a business. And because of that, they have a strong community of members and instructors all aiming for self-improvement in one way or another, and all willing to help each other achieve.


Simpson Partners are a Cronulla based client focused law firm. At the heart of all their services is obtaining the best outcome for you. Not just in terms of a possible award of money but also the time, effort and stress required on your part, minimising the legal costs involved and seeking to maintain your important relationships.

They focus on providing practical advice and solutions which at times requires ‘outside the box’ thinking.

So, if you are looking for knowledgeable and experienced legal practitioners, Simpson Partners can help.


ALT Tax + Accounting is a Cronulla based accountants, registered tax agents and an advisory for business planning. Our services include, but are not limited to, income tax, GST and BAS, accounting, new business set up including companies and trusts and self managed super funds. We provide service for our clients in a cost effective manner to assist them to achieve financial security and well-being.



The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency is based on the “Keep It Simple” principle. We work with SMEs to break through tough marketing challenges with clear, easy to understand marketing solutions.We get business owners excited about marketing!

Connect to your customers and potential customers.
We work with small to medium sized businesses to break through tough marketing challenges. We connect our clients to their market with simple, yet effective marketing solutions.

Our clients are businesses, just like yours, trying to be heard. In a crowded market it helps to have someone in your corner. We not only have the star quarterback, the cheer squad and the winning game plan but we have clocked the mileage to make sure we get you were you need to be. We have been there and we are doing that. Our ideas aren’t cookie cutter versions of each other rather; every solution is tailored to match your needs.
As you’ve probably guessed, we aren’t your typical marketing agency. We are a team of passionate, straight talking and passionate marketers who are always happy to help.

What’s more – we are in it for the glory.

Your glory. It’s why we do what we do.


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