OUR VISION“To further develop the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce into a professional organisation which is representative of the business community and to facilitate the economic success of the area through a strategic program of business and urban development”.

  1. A professional organisation.
  2. Representative of the business community- Chamber is not just representative of the retail strip of Cronulla CBD. Chamber’s vision is to be representative of all business in Cronulla.
  3. Facilitation of economic success- Chamber’s aim is help facilitate an improved economic circumstance for Cronulla, its businesses and its people.
  4. Strategic and Urban Development- Chamber will continue to provide a role in urban development through its relationship with the Sutherland Council. Chamber, however, is much more than this. Chamber will be looking for ways to assist businesses more holistically for example through training and networking opportunities and through its continued relationship with the NSW Business Chamber and the Sutherland branch of the Business and Enterprise Centre.


Over the coming years the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce’s mission will be to:

  • Build the business community in the Cronulla Area
  • Offer support to small business in the area
  • Share success of local businesses
  • Promote Cronulla as a destination for business as well as visitation outside the Sutherland Shire.

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