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A beautiful stone deserves an extraordinary setting.

There is nothing like the result of a well thought out design! The process is captured by stylising personal individual works, crafted proportionately to the individual and according to the lifestyle they lead. Today Dallas is making numerous styles according to each commemorative moment, which are captured in highly detailed works.

Dallas educates clients to make well informed decisions on lifelong pieces. You’ll receive specialist insights of not only a designer but also master craftsman est:1992 able to stylise your bespoke jewellery proportionately to the individual. They know the question that you as a valued customer should ask and should know prior to buying. Experience true value, buy with confidence.



Pineapple Republic is a Cronulla based online store selling eco friendly, reusable and sustainable products. They started after seeing a community that no longer used single use plastics and thought they could help bring the same idea to our local community and beyond. Single use plastic pollutes the earth forever, and when it ends up on our beaches, it not only affects us but also marine wildlife. Their aim is to help ordinary people, reduce their single-use plastic use and start reusing, such as drink bottles, lunch boxes, straws, cling wrap and sandwich bags.



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